ALTE Membership

DLTIS has been an ALTE member since 2004 and this practice contributes to the creation of a good and objective training for language certification. ALTE is an association of language institutions in Europe, each of which creates exam programmes for language learners and issues certificates to those who pass the language test successfully. Every member of the association provides exam programmes in the mother tongue in the respective country or region. ALTE has 34 organizations representing 27 European languages.
After two successful ALTE audits in 2012 and 2014, the standardized test in Bulgarian as a foreign language for B2 level at CEFR attained ALTE Q-mark. This mark is given only to tests which have fulfilled all the requirements and correspond to the 17 European ALTE quality benchmarks.
DLTIS at the University of Sofia „St Kliment Ohridski” is extremely proud with its achievement since the quality and reliability of the exam proceedings for B2 level of the Standardized test in Bulgarian are as high as the most popular and required certificate exams in English, French, German, and Italian, created by large and well-funded institutions as Cambridge ESOL, Goethe Institute,CIEP in France and the University in Perugia, Italy.