Bulgarian Language Teaching for Internationals and Non-Native Speakers

Hourly price in Bulgarian Leva (BGN)
Classes are held on the DLTIS premises outside the DLTIS premises
Individual classes 29.90 35* 35 41*
2-student class 20 25* 25 33*
3-student class 15 19* 19 24*

*Contact language
Minimum number of classes – 10

Number of students in class
4-12 people 3-8 people
Number of classes Price (BGN) Number of classes Price (BGN)
120 1010 40 440
60 600 36 400
1080 6999    

Lessons start and finish as follows: 8.00 am–1.10 pm and 1.30 pm–6.40 pm
Classes can also be held outdoors by students’ request and free time .

Bulgarian Proficiency Exams and Translation Trainig Courses

Duration 80-120 hours


Accommodation at the students’ hostel (linked to the main building) is provided for the participants.

Bulgarian Language for Foreign Students

The students pass a 9-month training course in Bulgarian and in the special subjects for preliminary preparation, required for enrolment at all Bulgarian Higher Schools. Fee  specific as per the accepting university.