Room Check-out

Accommodation facility check-out procedure:

  1. The LESSEE checks out of the dormitory upon expiration of the term of the accommodation contract (on weekdays).
  2. In compliance with Article 22 of the general rules and regulations, upon occurrence of new circumstances, either party is entitled to change or terminate the contract. That may be effected upon a written notice, notifying either party, thereafter the lessee can leave the dorm.
  3. When leaving the dorm, the LESSEE shall in the presence of the dormitory host submit the capital inventory, as listed on the accommodation day, and then switch back to the room administrator to give back the room key. The check-out has been completed and the deposit can be recovered.

* NOTE: Failure to comply with this procedure the Lessee shall be deemed to willfully left and is charged a rental fee and interest thereon until the lessee is found, and the LESSOR informed thereof. Outstanding payments may be sought in court as the limitation period is 3 (three) years.
** NOTE: In case of wilful leaving and luggage left in the room, the LESSOR shall dispose of it at their discretion.