Term of Contract

The term of contract, regarding the use of DLTIS accommodation facility:

    The length of the period for using the DLTIS dorms is specified in the specimen form (in three uniform copies) on the day of accommodation as follows:
  1. Regarding full-time students, the term of contract is considered valid within a specified academic year as of 1 October of the current calendar year through 30 July of the following year. After the latter date, the contract is considered as terminated.
  2. Those who may wish to use the rented rooms during the holidays have to apply for at the hostel receptionist and sign a complementary agreement (annex) adhered to the major contract already expiring. The Annex is valid for the period of August and September. As of 1 October a new accommodation procedure is initiated, following the beginning of the new academic year, based upon a new application form for accommodation, submitted in advance.

  3. NOTE: The contract period of lessees with outstanding bills is not extended and they lose the right to use the dormitory.

  4. As for foreign students, studying at the DLTIS, the term of contract is within their academic training period until the time of passing their exams, thereafter they have to leave the dorms.
  5. As for students, doing language courses at the DLTIS, the term of contract is valid within the time that the corresponding course encompasses.
  6. The Lessor (DLTIS) is entitled unilaterally to terminate the contract.

NOTE: In case of violating any contract articles by either party, the contract can be terminated at any time.