Upon approval of the application, the accommodation procedure is carried out by the administrator on duty in room 309 on the 3rd floor in the following order:

  1. The applicant receives a deposit slip and he/she pays the monthly rental fee, the security deposit, and the admission ID card fee at the disbursement office at DLL.
  2. The applicant collects the receipts and returns to the administrator’s office where he/she fills out the necessary accommodation forms.
  3. С фактурите кандидатът се връща при администратора, където се оформят настанителните документи.
  4. The accommodation forms consist of:
    1. 2 applications for accommodation
    2. 3 copies of the contract between the lessee and DLTIS as a lessor
    3. medical certificate
    4. admission ID card
  5. The lessee receives a key to his/her room and signs a list of room inventory in the presence of the administrator on duty.