About us

The International School of Bulgarian Language and Culture has been an heir to the Summer School of Bulgarian since 2000. The latter existed for ten years. Due to the growing interest in its activities, the Summer School of Bulgarian had to broaden its scope so as to optimize the opportunities for Bulgarian language and cultural studies.

The participants are offered a three-week course. The course runs five days a week. The groups are formed according to the level of language proficiency – Beginners (subgroup 1, 2, 3), Intermediate (1, 2, 3) and Advanced (1, 2, 3).

There are four classes of practical Bulgarian on the curriculum daily. There are also optional classes in Bulgarian folk songs and dances twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. The advanced students are given a choice of lectures in Bulgarian history and folklore as well as specialized seminars in Modern Bulgarian, Old Bulgarian and contrastive linguistics.

On the first day of each session at 9am a placement test is given to show the level of language proficiency. The results are announced without delay and the course starts. There are only classes of practical Bulgarian on the curriculum on that day for all the participants.

The Bulgarian language course ends with a final test. The successful students are awarded a certificate which applies to their practical Bulgarian language skills only.

The course fee is to be paid at enrolment or on the first day of the classes at the latest.

Participants are offered accommodation for which they need to pay extra. Their intention to use it should be announced in the application form.